An Exploration of Social Enterprise in the Context of a New Work Order


We all want to find work that matters to us. Work that connects who we are with what we do.

The path to meaningless and unfulfilling work is a well trodden one. Social enterprise presents us with an alternative opportunity to connect our inner values with theirs, and to contribute towards a shared mission that enlivens and urges us to produce the best we are capable of. Social enterprise dispels the capitalist notion that humans are one-dimensional profit maximising machines, but instead recognises the real human being and his or her multi-dimensional desires. Social enterprise pursue goals other than making personal profit - A self-sustaining business that is totally dedicated to solving social and environmental problems.

To answer some of the most pressing questions surrounding social enterprise, it will be necessary to investigate other models of development which include non-profits, and for-profit businesses that have been built with a solid foundation of social and environmental purpose.

I invite you to participate in this revolution. Join my journey as I explore the world of social enterprise in the context of a New Work Order. Along the way I hope to be informative, whilst also providing useful guidance to people seeking more pleasure and meaning from their career.